We are Los Angeles-based video creators collaborating with artists in the spirit of supporting art-making as a viable career option. See a sample of our work below, and sayhi@studiointhesun.com.

Silas Hite: Music and Art

Composer and illustrator Silas Hite has found the perfect balance between art as a profession and art as a way of life. 

Andrew Collberg - Rich

Filmed in Los Angeles for musician Andrew Collberg's third full-length album Minds Hits to be released July 2013 by European label Le Pop Musik.

Glows in the Dark - Ed Bradley feat. 20/20 aka uGeorge

Our first video filmed entirely in Los Angeles. A music video for Richmond, VA avant-garde jazz group, Glows in the Dark. 

Debbie Carlos  - Prints and Posters

Artist Debbie Carlos discusses the philosophy behind her affordable large-scale posters.

Debbie Carlos - Roses Poster

Inspired by the addition of color to photographer Debbie Carlos' previously monochromatic work.

Newby Treasury - One Five One

Produced collaboratively for the release of the One Five One necklace by jewelry maker Sarah Newby.

Confetti Study

This piece from a larger series is a study on the implications of confetti falling on various objects. Confetti Study was produced independently and is representative of our creative explorations. Thanks to Caroline Wiryadinata for designing the Confetti Study logo.

Andrew Collberg - Man in the Moose Suit

A music video for Andrew Collberg's 2010 album, On the Wreath.

Brian Lopez - I Pray for Rain

Filmed in West Texas and Arizona for Tucson-based musician Brian Lopez.




Studio in the Sun is, clockwise from L to R, Sarah, John, and Ryan

Loaner bunny and portrait courtesy Debbie Carlos.